StanzaJS Discussion - 2020-04-25

  1. Flavius Andrei hey guys
  2. Flavius Andrei are there any more comprehensive docs about this awesome library?
  3. Flavius Andrei for example i'm not exactly sure if i'm doing this search right...
  4. Flavius Andrei this.client.sendIQ({ type: 'set', to: '', search: { form: { type: 'submit', element: 'query', fields: [{ type: 'text-single', name: 'fn', value: `${term}*` }], namespace: 'jabber:iq:search', path: '' }, } })
  5. Flavius Andrei tough it works
  6. Flavius Andrei and i was wondering if there's any way to add paging to it
  7. Flavius Andrei ejabberd (which i'm using) and also stanzajs both support xep-0059…
  8. Lance hi Flavius
  9. Lance catching up here
  10. Lance in that search object, you can drop the element, namespace, and path keys. those aren't going to do anything there
  11. Lance it doesn't look like i've got paging hooked into search results yet
  12. Lance Ok, stanza v12.8.0 has paging defined for user search
  13. Lance