StanzaJS Discussion - 2020-06-04

  1. Flavius Andrei hi, lance
  2. Flavius Andrei i'm trying to use stanza with a cordova plugin, iosrtc and i get this error
  3. Flavius Andrei Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: Argument 1 ('track') to RTCPeerConnection.addTrack must be an instance of MediaStreamTrack
  4. Flavius Andrei ever heard about something like this?
  5. Flavius Andrei
  6. Flavius Andrei this is the plugin exposing getUserMedia (ios webview doesn't support it so this plugin adds it)
  7. Flavius Andrei not sure where to look for the problem. in the plugin itself, in the adapter.js or in stanzajs...
  8. Lance I'd remove adapter first, then check plugin. Stanza doesn't modify any globals. And adapter.js shouldn't be necessary if you're just running in cordova.
  9. Flavius Andrei i had the same result with and without adapter.js