StanzaJS Discussion - 2020-10-07

  1. Flavius Andrei hey Lance
  2. Flavius Andrei regarding mod_stream_mgmt
  3. Flavius Andrei does stanzajs sets resume_timeout anywhere?
  4. Flavius Andrei because i've set it to 0 on the server and yet, clients won't disconnect when the app is sent to the background, meaning the client itself asks for a different timeout
  5. Flavius Andrei afaik, stanza sets 300 seconds somewhere, but can't remember exactly where i saw that
  6. Flavius Andrei any thoughs?
  7. Flavius Andrei is there a way to disable stream management in stanzajs?
  8. Flavius Andrei so, no matter what i do (useStreamManagement: true/false AND allowResumption: false) there's still a delay until the session is killed after a connection loss
  9. Flavius Andrei which, in turn, prevents xmpp in sending push notifications